Some Thumbs Up, Some Thumbs Down, and Some “Don’t Waste Your Money”

As a one-income family, we usually have to make our dollars stretch farther than a yoga master. This often makes me a very picky purchaser, and I confess that I spend way too much time on reading product reviews. I want to know whether my potential purchases will deliver on their promise, or doom me for disappointment. Buyer’s remorse takes on a whole new level when your lemon of a product ate up a sizeable chunk of your meager expendable income.

Here is some inside scoop on some products I’ve tried this month:


I got this new workout game for the Wii:

And I like it. If you have been following my challenge to get fit, then you know my Wii has been my Yoda, and I am always looking for a new way to use it. This game is great for fitness beginners, and as someone who is so uncoordinated that she almost crippled herself trying to do Tae Bo, I love any exercise program that I can actually do with harming myself or others. I have used this daily for two weeks, on the medium intensity setting. Personally, I’ve gotten a great lower body workout, but I may need to purchase a stronger resistance band, because the upper body work is not very challenging. Overall, it was worth the money to me.

Moving on to skin care, I decided to buy this:

To shake up my skincare routine. Well, the little pads do not foam, and you really don’t feel like any cleanser is coming out of them. It is awkward to use on the contours of your face (like around your nose), and overall, I was severely unimpressed. My face did not feel very clean after using this, and with a $15 price tag, I have to give this a thumbs’ down.

This next product is one of our best buys of the decade:

This rechargeable battery system has been a lifesaver. With a Wii and three males with a love of all toys electronic, we were going through enough batteries to pollute a small country, not to mention the purse-crippling expense. This thing charges the batteries in 15 minutes flat, which is brilliant when you have impatient children clamoring for more Mario Kart. We use this thing almost every day.

And last but not least:

Please do not waste your money on this toy. The pen does not work, only holds like 10 balls at a time, and was supremely frustrating for both me and the boys. Very rarely do I buy a product that was a total waste of money, but this one sure was. Pixos failed to deliver on every level, and only resulted in agitated kids and one aggravated mom.

Have you tried something great, or been bitterly disappointed? Share it with me, because we all need to be smart with our money these days…diet coke ain’t getting any cheaper.

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