Yes, I’ve Been MIA—Who Knew Getting Ready to Work was a Job in Itself?

The past week has been crazy busy.

Once my husband and I decided that I would accept this new super-awesome job, the reality of the situation began to sink in.

I’ve been a Stay-at-Home Mom for seven years. I can’t just show up for work in a few weeks, easy-peasy.

First, I doubt that my current wardrobe of yoga pants and college t-shirts is appropriate for the office. To that end, I have been desperately scraping through clearance racks all over town in order to build a work wardrobe with very little money. And when I mean clearance, I mean the 3$ rack at JcPenney. You have to be patient enough to dig, and smart enough to dodge the elbows other bargain shoppers are throwing at you.

Aside from my clothing scavenger hunt, I have been handling a lot of logistics. I’ve made chore lists, and meal plans for the entire first month of work, so that I am not drowning in this transition after the first few days. Also, my husband will be at home the first two weeks of my job because the kids will not have started school yet. I had to find meals that come from easy-to-follow recipes for his two weeks as stay-at-home dad. He can cook, but he likes clear instructions, so if I want dinner success, I better make it as easy on him as I can. I have also been cleaning and organizing my house, and getting all back-to-school shopping done, because I will not have time later. Next week, I will deep clean the house, in hopes that a clean slate will be easier to maintain during the back-to-work confusion.

Today, I got a long overdue hair cut and color, because this job probably would not mix well with my messy, bleach-blonde hippy hair. In fact, I think it would probably cause more problems than it is worth, so I did a little makeover on my hair that, while still cute, is not libel to label me as a dumb blonde from the get-go.

And then there is the car issue. I will need a car very soon, but cannot get one until my first or second paycheck yields a down payment. However, because I will need to buy quickly when the time comes, I have been trying to figure out a game plan now. New or used? What type? What is my budget? What about the economy?

A little over 2 weeks to go, but hopefully my frantic planning now will make things easier later. Or I could be deluding myself….

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