But I don’t wannnnaaa go to Wally-World!!!!

When my husband and I got married, we were dead broke. As in, a $7 bottle of wine was too much except on very special occasions kinda broke. To manage this level of tight budget, I consolidated my grocery shopping into only one trip every two weeks. I planned it out down to the penny…every single meal and household need for two blasted weeks. This usually took hours, but it kept me from accidently bankrupting us in a moment of bad-blondie-mama-math.

As the years passed, this method made even more sense, because $4-a-gallon gas and a 30 minute drive to the store meant that mistakes on my part would cost gas money we didn’t need to spend. Shopping for a two weeks stretch usually takes a couple of hours at the Wally-World (or Hell as some of us call it), but I never minded too much. When you have not left your house in days or spoken to anyone over the age of 5, a trip to Wally-World is downright exciting.

But times have changed my friend. Now, I am hitting the Wally-World after work…in heels…and I still shop for two weeks like an idiot. Do you have any idea the things I would rather be doing than going grocery shopping tonight? Hmmmm,

  • I could clean the bathroom
  • I could read War and Peace
  • I could hide in my closet and pretend I am on vacation…that is until the boys find me and skewer me with a light saber or two
  • I could rearrange my Netflix queue
  • I could get over my aversion to dental floss
  • I could tackle the laundry monster head-on

Goodness, if I would rather do laundry than go grocery shopping tonight you know this situation is getting desperate. Think we could rig up a glass of wine like a horse-and-carrot scenario? That would be the fastest trip you ever saw…think Roadrunner dust clouds and skid marks.

It may be time to re-evaluate my grocery shopping methods….

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