Recipe Chaos Solved…or at Least Contained

I have a big recipe problem.

First, I like to try new things so often that by the time I want to remake something again, I have completely lost or forgotten about the recipe.

Second, I spend waaaayyyy too much time on the web looking at recipes, printing them, then misplacing them on my desk before they can even make it home.

Third, on any given day, I have the attention span of a goldfish, and refuse to devote time to organizing my recipe madness when I could be doing other fun things…like annoying my husband by putting my cold feet on him right about the time he falls asleep.

As you can see, this has been a simmering problem for a while. I tried resolving it by purchasing Mastercook software, but it crashed. So, I purchased it again, new version and new computer, and guess what? It crashed again. So, I voted all software off the island.

However, last year, I stumbled across an ad for the Living Cookbook software, and since it offered a free trial download, I decided to give it a try. After two days of playing around, I was sold!

This is absolutely the best software I ever purchased. Sure, it does all the expected stuff: categorizes recipes, menus, grocery lists, etc. But what really sold me was the “recipe capture” function. If I find a recipe on the web, I can capture it straight into the Living Cookbook software, without retyping or reformatting a thing.

I can also add my own recipes, with pictures, notes, categories and sources, export it to Word, and print it if needed. You can make your own cookbooks in nothing flat. I haven’t explored even half the features, but it has certainly made my recipe chaos a lot more manageable.

Basically, with a little experimenting, this software is easy for even techno-dunces like me. So, if you have your own recipe chaos, give the free trail of this software a try; it may be perfect for you too.

**by the way, in case you were wondering, no one pays me to review anything. I am just not that cool, though it would be super-neat if that were the case. So, any review you see is just me passing along something I really think you might like too**

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