It Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time…

My friend J came over yesterday to keep me company while I worked on some Thanksgiving preparations. We planned to make my booze-filled cranberry sauce, and resolve some seating issues that we knew would probably require a trip to Target for a few additional tables. Seems easy enough, right?

J herself had already been shopping, and happened to pick up the above box of liquor-filled chocolates.

There is something I’ve leaned about J. She is impulsive in a check-out line, as I witnessed firsthand. When we ran into Bed, Bath and Beyond so I could grab tablecloths for the tables we had purchased at Target, she managed to walk out with multiple tablecloths, a bag of 100 tea lights and a $10 magazine…all in less than 45 seconds. Therefore, I was not surprised to learn that she had gone for a turkey platter and came out with booze-filled chocolates.

She brought them straight to my house…because she knows me well…

We pretty much tossed them aside while we took care of business, but once we finished, J, my husband and I busted into the box with the intention of trying a chocolate or two.


I will tell you now, liquor-filled chocolates ARE NOT a healthy dinner…and eating 15 liquor-filled chocolates in lieu of a healthy dinner is an awesomely bad idea.

If you need me, I will be hiding under my desk today.

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