My Secret Stash…Or When Weirdness Meets Excess


I have a confession to make. I am soooo addicted to Moleskine notebooks. In fact, at this moment, I have one in my desk at work, one in my purse and a couple floating around my house. I fill these notebooks with all kinds of random notes, song lyrics and whatever other drivel is floating around in my head that I need to vacate from the premises. For example, when the flight on my last business trip got delayed for the third time, I spend the next ten minutes filling up a page in my notebook with all the reasons I hate airports. It was a veritible disseration on the relationship between ancient evils and airport chairs.

Clearly, I must have some place to offload my occasional insanity. Do I need at least four of these notebooks? I have no idea, but I sure get twitchy if I don’t have one around.

When I was still trying to get less fat, I kept track of my weight and diet in my Moleskine. I still keep that one close, because I only need to look back through it to remind myself why eating half a box of Southern Maid doughnuts is a bad idea. These notebooks travel well and can take a beating. The inside of my purse is a tornado mixed with a black hole, and my notebook doesn’t flinch from the horror.

Well, those guys over at Moleskine must really like giving me an excuse to spend money. Last week, I spotted a whole new line of notebooks at my bookstore that are dedicated to a specific passion:

Ooooohhh, boy. I snatched up the recipe journal, but they also had notebooks for fitness, books, movies and most importantly…WINE. This begs the question…did I really need another notebook? Couldn’t I just jot down J and I’s cocktail sauce experiment in one of my four other Moleskine notebooks?

Nope, because that would just be too rational.

Bet you want one too…or at least pretend you do, so I don’t feel like so much of a weirdo.

**As always, all reviews on this site are unbiased, unpaid, unsolicited and completely out of the blue. Moleskine doesn’t know me from Adam.**

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