As my husband was working on our repurposed Kuerig-cup seed project this weekend, my camera started acting pretty twitchy.

And after a very short amount of time, twitchy became non-functional.

After I finished hyperventilating, I finally gathered the mental wherewithal to check Google for an answer to my cameral dilemma.

In very short order, I learned that “black screen of death” is so commonly associated with my camera model, Google has it ready for auto-fill in the search field.

That, my friends, was a very bad sign. Needless to say, I managed to offload the pictures I already had on the camera, but it looks like I am out of frapping luck with repairing the problem. Basically, it would cost far more in parts and labor than the camera is even worth.

You hear that Canon? That is the sound of me and you breaking up.

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