Ohhh, Louisiana…How I Love Ya…

I had to make a too long road trip today from my home in northern Louisiana to the very south end of Louisiana for a work function. Despite the fact that driving six hours is sheer torture, I always get a kick out of the incredibly weird stuff I see on the highways and back-roads of my home state. Today, I observed the following:

  • An elderly man rollerblading down I-49
  • A sign warning drivers: “Prison in Area: Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers!” Because, of course, we Louisianans need reminding that some hitchhikers may be dangerous…like for real, ya’ll.
  • At least six different roadside stands called “House of Meat, ” half of which offered fresh turtle meat! Yummers.
  • A hand-painted (poorly) sandwich board manifesto that started with “Every village has an idiot…;” I could not read the rest, or I would have probably run off the road. This six-foot tall manifesto was propped against a pole outside a service station, next to a hound dog also tied to the pole.

Yep, I love living in the weird capitol of the nation.

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