Well, Isn’t That Nice?

Because Easter falls ridiculously late this year, my kids’ school has already had Spring Break. However, they were supposed to get a smaller Easter break this weekend, which made me a happy girl. It’s hard to plan a nice, big family Easter get-together if you’re worried about getting organized for school the next day. I was so looking forward to a little break with the kids, some time with my family and a weekend of nothing to do but relax and enjoy.

But then came yesterday. My oldest child came home with a bucketful of homework and projects that are due, you guessed it, the day after Easter break. He has two major tests with study guides to complete, a clay model of a planet to build and an accompanying report to write.


Why, oh why do teachers assign big projects during holiday breaks? That annoyed me as a kid, and it’s annoying me even more as a mom. I am sure they have a good reason…I think…but every mom knows that, if your child gets stuck with a holiday-break project, the entire family is stuck with a holiday-break project too. Talk about sucking the vacation out of our vacation.

Guess we know what I’ll be doing on Saturday…

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