200 Eggs Later…

Despite the broken oven fiasco, Easter still was an absolutely blast. Somehow, the Easter Bunny (and her cohorts) managed to hide four dozen dyed eggs and 150 or so plastic eggs, all after downing a substantial cocktail…or three…broken ovens require copious medicinal beverages, ya know. The point is, hiding that many eggs at midnight deserves an Easter merit badge or something.

As with any activity in our home that involves male participation, our egg hunt was a well-strategized competition, with plenty of running, sneaking and gloating.


We may actually plan ahead next year and try something more elaborate, with prizes, but I just didn’t quite have time to consult with the Easter Bunny on much of anything this month. In fact, I think my whole brood better be satisfied with clean underwear, because even that is being counted as a major accomplishment in my book right now.

The boys ended up with lots of chocolate, candy and Pokémon cards, though they seemed skeptical about sharing their stash with their poor, deprived mother:

However, the Easter Bunny must be a genius, because it delivered plenty of high-end chocolate to me and a bottle of Belvidere to my husband. Gotta love that bunny…

Even though this was supposed to be a fairly informal, kind of last-minute get-together, I still decided to break out the fancy china:

Something about setting the table makes my OCD happy, even if my change-of-plans raised a few eyebrows. For an impromptu centerpiece, I bought a bundle of mixed flowers at Sam’s Club, then arranged them myself in a container with a little leftover floral foam from J and I’s Thanksgiving adventures. J also ran out and bought some egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers, because she has secret table OCD too, even if she won’t admit it. I did not feel even remotely silly by eating such a casual meal on my grandmother’s wedding china…I just chalked it up to southern eccentricity, and poured everyone more wine.

Now, if I can just get a new oven picked out and installed anytime this century, I think life will be just about back on track.

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