$5 Buys Peace, Harmony and a Christmas Gift…or Ten.

Oohh boy. Today was a recipe for disaster.

It’s Saturday and it’s 109 degrees outside.

My husband had to work. And my boys were so bored that they were in danger of dismantling the house. Added to this dire situation was the fact that normal indoor activities were off the table. The movie theater is too expensive, and we still have an oven to pay off, among other things. I would’ve taken them to an indoor arcade or fun center, but those germ factories are NOT where the boys need to be hanging out during the week before school starts. The last thing I need is two kids with a stomach virus on the first day of school.

However, I was determined to keep them under control, and maybe off the video games for just a little while. First, we finished up the school shoe shopping, and then headed over to Hobby Lobby so I could ogle the Autumn eye candy and peruse the yarn. I also wanted to walk around anywhere that was air-conditioned. While we were there, I found a plastic loom and a bag of nylon loops for about $5. Though G-man looked a little skeptical, I convinced him how UNBELIEVEABLY FUN it would be to make potholders for everyone for Christmas. Either he sensed the rising hysteria in my voice, or his boredom was so desperate that even he was willing to grasp at straws.

Regardless, that loom bought me several hours of unplugged peace. Talk about $5 well-spent.

And if you’re one of our relatives reading this, you’d better act dang surprised this Christmas when you receive a mountain of potholders.

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