Project of the Week: A’s Scarf

Now that we are within spitting distance of autumn, I’m ramping up my crafting into high gear. With Bean on the way and our budget going through the necessary, if drastic, adjustments, I’m falling back on creative, homemade gifts for the holidays. My project this week is a scrunchable scarf for my niece, A. I found the pattern on Ravelry, and using my weekly craft store coupons, I procured this funky, furry yarn for less than $7.00 for the whole project. A is a freshman in high school, and I thought the yarn was girly enough for her, but with a little bit of edgy coolness that was appropriate for a fourteen year-old. Though I have to admit, part of me thinks it looks like a Muppet on acid, but if you tell anyone I said that, I’ll call you a liar.

As a new-as-newbie-gets knitter, I’ve been tracking down patterns that are easy to understand, forgiving to a novice and won’t require a trip to my local knitting shop to beg for help. I’ve already got my next few projects planned out, and by shopping the craft store sales and using both printable and iPhone coupons, I’m well on my way to ensuring that this Christmas is truly about togetherness and joy, and not a gut-wrenching war between our hearts and our wallets.

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