Leaving on a Jetplane…

In a couple of days, the Heathens and I will be flying to northern California for vacation, and to hang with my parents. My poor husband can’t go, because he has too much going on at work this month, especially after taking off a few weeks for Bean’s birth.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of hijinks to report, as the Heathens take their first plane ride, see their first mountain and experience the world outside of our small Louisiana town. I’m also sure the TSA will be thoroughly entertained by our circus, as I try to get two kids, a baby, a stroller, a car seat, various carry-on luggage and myself through the security line. Luckily, they sell cocktails in airports…lots and lots of cocktails…

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get Bean ready for the trip. Since we’ll be going to an area that is much cooler (and windier) than our current 95 degrees, she needs warm clothes. I’ve found a few things in the clearance sections, but finding a warm hat in Louisiana, in June, proved to be too much of a challenge. I finally surrendered and knitted her one:

It’s not perfect, but it will keep her noggin covered.

I start the packing odyssey today, so send chocolate…and margaritas…and positive traveling mojo.

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