“She works Hard for the Money, So Hard for it Honaaayyy!”

The past two weeks have been a big adjustment, but I am settling into work like a champ…

Meaning I have not had a big freak-out as of yet.

My office rocks, my co-workers rock, but that’s all I can say about it, as confidentiality in this business is utmost. Well, I will say that having a fancy-schmancy office sure does make me feel like a big-girl!

My husband has been staying home for these first two weeks, and making it look easy…the nerd. I have been coming home to a clean house, an awesome dinner and a glass of wine. What more could a girl ask for? He has been the portrait of the domestic diva, and has definitely made this transition much easier on me.

However, this honeymoon will be short-lived. He goes back to work next week, and then we will both get the real dose of just what a working mom and dad feel like in the same household. As I said, no big freak-out as of yet, but I would not let my guard down until after we have had a week of jobs and school.

(Note my complete denial that Youngest is starting Kindergarten next week…The less I think on that, the better.)

I think the biggest adjustment has simply been my mindset. This past month seems like a whirlwind. I never expected to go back to work, and I certainly never expected to get my ideal job. It’s been almost surreal watching our lives change so suddenly, but I know in the long run, these changes are what is best for our family.

Now, if I could just strangle the person who invented pantyhose, then life would be just about perfect.