About Bayou-Mama

Hi! I’m Bayou-Mama.

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom in Louisiana, doing a job that is rewarding in theory, but may put me in the loony bin eventually. Life in my house is like wrangling a wet octopus…it’s never easy, but it’s sure dang funny.

I have a husband who I adore, three kids who keep me on my toes, and a pile of laundry that expands exponentially when no one is watching. I spend my days working, cooking, cleaning, knitting, and trying to not to fall in the toilet because one of my boys left the seat up. I have a crippling Diet Coke addiction, I am snarly in the morning and I make this homemaker thing up as I go along. If you want an OCD-triggering look into the day-to-day of this circus, follow me on Instagram at @BayoumamaLa. If you need to contact me, email me at Bayoumamablog@gmail.com.

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7 thoughts on “About Bayou-Mama

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  2. I met your mom and dad at the Texas Roadhouse in West Haven, CT tonight. I was their server and we had a nice chat about their stay in CT and they told me all about you and your blog. I too have 2 children, both girls, ages 6 and 9. Your blog and recipes sounded good when your mom told me about them so I thought I’d check it out.

    Your parents seem like very nice people and I hope I see them again before they head back home.

  3. This is a FUN and REAL place to come visit! I love your style. I saw the research student above…Whatever the reason you blog, I’m glad of it. 🙂
    ~Cindy aka ‘Clee’ aka Cindy Lee. Farmgirl 4502.

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