30 Reasons Why I Love Him

Today is Husband’s birthday, and in honor of this event (and because embarrassing him is fun as all get-out), here are 30 reasons why I love him:

30.    He’s hot!

29.    He’s handy.

28.    He makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

27.     He knows how to operate the washer, dryer, dishwasher and the vacuum, and does so frequently.

26.     He is tall and strong, and as Best Friend M. will tell you, if your mate really is Mr. Perfect, he must be able to carry the dead weight of your unconscious body out of a burning building to safety…just in case.

25.    He spoils me rotten.

24.    He makes me feel beautiful, even when I blew up like the Goodyear blimp when I was pregnant.

23.    He accepts that I am not a morning person, and has adjusted accordingly.

22.    He understands the gravity of my diet coke addiction, and keeps a careful distance until I have had my morning quota.

21.    He kills the bugs…it was in our marriage vows.

20.    He lets me put my ice cold feet on him to warm up in the winter…that was in our marriage vows too.

19.    He makes me laugh every day.

18.    He read all my favorite books, just to see what I like about them.

17.    Same for the movies.

16.    He has seen parts of me that God never intended man to see during my c-sections, and still thinks I am beautiful.

15.    Despite his cast-iron stomach during said surgeries, the moment that did finally turn him green was seeing me after my car accident, and there wasn’t even blood involved. Apparently the gurney, neck brace and me crying in pain was what did it. Isn’t that sweet?

14.    He accepts my many neuroses and still loves me just the way I am.

13.    He is really good at math…I am not.

12.    He is the best dad ever.

11.    He gets up and investigates the strange noises at night…even though I am the only one that hears them.

10.    He works his butt off.

9.    Did I mention that he is super hot?

8.    He knows how to use a pipe snake.

7.    He appreciates that sometimes a restorative cocktail is as necessary as breathing.

6.    He still remembers the bottle of wine we drank on our second anniversary.

5.    He loves my mom.

4.    He gives our boys all of his free time and attention.

3.    He reaches the high stuff, because me and step-stools are probably a recipe for the ER.

2.    After 8 years of living together, I still look and him and wonder how in the heck I got so lucky.

And last but not least…

1.    I wasn’t kidding about that super-hot thing. Especially when he does yard work with no shirt on…it’s enough to make a girl swoon.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Nick redo

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