The Crayon Apocalypse

No fun Sunday here folks.

Not when I failed to realize that my kids had crayons in their pockets until about 2 seconds after I opened the dryer.

My poor laundry looks like a Crayola factory exploded all over it. Not only do my husband’s clothes look like this:


but this shirt is actually the best looking of the mess. The rest are a multi-colored blood bath of non-toxic colored wax. Oh, the HORROR!!!

I have laundry piled up everywhere:


Despite my super-mom-awesomeness, I have never run across a laundry disaster of such epic proportions. We are past neat tricks with irons, wax paper or goo-gone. There are not enough hours in the day to spend scrubbing each of the 100,000 color spots in that laundry pile.

So, I’ve constructed Plan A, which looks a little something like this:


I got inspired after frantic Google searches, and this is the first wave of my assault against the color explosion. Detergent, vinegar and Oxyclean. After that, Shout for leftover stains, and repeat the detergent, vinegar, Oxyclean attempt. We’ll see how it goes, but I can assure you that I may have to become the pocket-checking drill sergeant after this fiasco.


Is it too early to mix up a cocktail?

I think not.

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