Bayou-Mama Goes to Work! ( WTH??)

In a surprising turn of events, my life is changing big-time.

For a while now, I have been looking for a part-time teaching gig at a local college, or some other job that would let me use my overly-expensive education to bring in a little extra income. I wasn’t really looking that hard, but with Youngest about to start school, I foresaw an opportunity to make a move that would ease some of the financial stranglehold we seem to stay in as a one-income family. Unfortunately, such jobs are thin on the ground in my area, and just did not seem to come around when I needed them.

Then, one day, I saw an ad for a job. This job was not only right up my alley, but I wrote my bleeping undergraduate thesis on it. It did not specify the hours, and I suspected it was full-time, but I submitted my résumé for fun anyway. Well, wasn’t I surprised when I got an interview, and even more surprised that I was in the top ten finalists from a pool of about 70 applicants. I went to the interview on a whim, and found out that it was my dream job. Oh buddy, was it my dream job. It was exactly the type of job I had in mind as I slugged through college and grad school.

But, as I left the interview, I shelved the experience in my mind. Out of 70 applicants, I was the stay-at-home mom who had zero work experience in the past seven years. All the fancy education in the world probably couldn’t counterbalance my professional hiatus, especially in such an obviously competitive market. I figured that I was probably the first application to swish through the old circular file of refuse.

Well, Holy Guacamole, they called last week and offered me the job, with a salary that was even a smidgen more than the initial advertised base pay. Of course my super-awesome husband’s response was “of course you’ll take it; it’s your dream job.” I, however, had reservations. Transitioning from a SAHM to a working mom was NEVER part of my plan. I mean never, ever. But, this job seemed destined to work…they even offered to delay my start date until August, just before my kids start school. My husband and I ran the numbers, I made a several pro/con lists, and I chewed on the idea for a while. It was really hard reconciling such a surprising offer with what I thought was my life-plan for the immediate future.

Needless to say, I accepted the offer, and I now have one month to figure out just how to become a working mom. I am going into this transition like a general preparing for battle. I am planning out the next two months of my life in almost obsessive organization, so that I can make this transition as easy as possible for my family. I need all the advice and insight I can get, because not only is my life changing big-time, but it is turning in a direction that is one I never expected.


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