Whimper, Whine, Whimper, Repeat

I am home with my Youngest, who is sick…and I am not feeling so spry either. While I wish I was on the couch being a lazy bum and enjoying a day off, we both know that ain’t gonna happen. Remember my laundry pile that mocks me? Well, if you turn your back on it, it breeds!

Oh, it looks innocent enough…but it is as devious as it is sneaky. I thought I had contained this gremlin to the laundry room. I should have known better. This is my bedroom:

See? It’s just a spore of the original beast, but it has the potential to explode. Wait…… Holy Moly, it already has!!!!!

My dresser has been infected as well!!! This is a crisis. Will Merry Maids do pro bono work?? I’ll just have to escape to the kitchen…

Well, s**t. Now what?

(enter long-suffering sigh here)

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