New House Part 2–The Kitchen

Though it is definitely smaller than I would have hoped, the kitchen in our new house is pretty sweet.



This is the view from the door leading to the breakfast room.


Because of the limted counter space, and the weird dimensions on the room, we added this island for a bit more function.


This is the view facing the sink. As you can see, to the right are floor to ceiling cabinets. Also, the sink is one of those deep, stainless steel jobs that you can fit giant pots into.


Despite all the storage space in the rest of the house, the kitchen is sadly lacking on cabinet space, but we fixed that by pulling a Julia Child, and putting up some peg board. My husband can be pretty handy!


and last is the stove area. I am digging the tile backsplash because it is SOOO easy to clean.

So, overall, the kitchen still needs some touches here and there. It is certainly not my dream kitchen, but I traded that for a breakfast room and dining room that rock beyond belief! I knew moving into a historic, old home would have challenges, but so far, we are making it work.

2 thoughts on “New House Part 2–The Kitchen

    • Thanks Bill! Most of the house is still a work in progress, as you can see by the bare walls, but it’s getting there.

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