It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

It’s about that time…

The time every mom does not WANT to admit she loves, but secretly DOES anyway…

It’s just about school time!!!

(hear that choir of angels singing “Hallelujah?”)

I love back-to-school time. I love fresh school supplies, new school clothes and the promise of two kids who will not be bored to death in this miserable heat anymore. They will have work, structure, activities, friends, recess and most importantly, early bed-times.


Don’t get me wrong…I am sad to see the lazy days of summer go, but at the same time, I think I’ve reached my limit of being the perpetual cruise director to two kids who are dangerously bored.  Because with boredom comes swords, and with swords comes imaginary warfare that threatens every breakable thing in my home. Not to mention the three rolls of scotch tape they used last week to build their own battle accompaniments out of construction paper…but hey, it bought Granny an hour break from the “I’m bored” brigade, so I guess it was tape-well-spent.

So, as we prepare for the back-to-school rush, I will do my best to contain my happy dance, and act appropriately sympathetic to my Phineas and Ferb wannabees. *snicker, snicker, snort*

Yeah, Right….

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