No, I am not lost…I’m tired

In case you’ve missed it, this weekend was our big Halloween party. I have been a busy girl. I’ve cleaned, cooked, cooked some more, had J talk me down from a ledge or ten, and finally had the Halloween party of my dreams.

I am tired. My poor husband is practically comatose (with good reason…he managed to keep 15 kids entertained, happy, engaged and out of trouble). After two months of planning, dreaming, and dragging our friends into the Halloween madness with us, we accomplished everything we wanted and more. Like any clueless hostess, I managed to throw a party and take…maybe 5 pictures of the whole shebang. Luckily, I have some good friends, and super-awesome in-laws, and they covered my proverbial behind. They managed to capture some great shots of our party, and as soon as I round them all up, you’ll get a play-by-play of the day. This will include some recipes that impressed us all, some harsh lessons about checking kids’ pockets for chewing gum before the pants hit the dryer, and a special thank-you to J and her husband L, who were right there with us through the whole messy thing…you know a gal is your friend when she is right there with you at midnight, hand-making party food and washing dishes like she lives here.

So, tune in this week for the play-by-play… I promise it is coming…after I sleep, eat, and have a restorative cocktail or …three.

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