I May Need a Desk…

In our new house, we originally planned to have an office, where both my husband and I would have separate desks. This was my grand plan to bring harmony to the Force.

We really need separate desks. As compatible as we are, I still do not understand why he needs to keep every single box for every single piece of computer software he has purchased, on his desk shelf. Don’t get me wrong, I have no objection to keeping them, but why not in the attic? My theory is that, if you haven’t touched it in three years, and it is not something the IRS may come looking for, why does it need to take up valuable desk space? And don’t get me started on the random cords, disks, and God help me, empty Rolodex’s. Also, our two boys often use his desk as a dumping ground for school papers, and I confess I am guilty of letting some mail pile up on occasion. As a result, my husband’s  desk is a wasteland of clutter that can never stay clean for more than 4 minutes at a time.

I know, my OCD is showing.

This summer, we realized that our “office” was really going to need to be a guest bedroom, and both my husband’s need for a desk, and our guests’ need for a bed overrode my plans. My husband frequently works from home, and considering that 85% of the house is Mama-territory, I can’t complain that the poor man needs some space to clutter up. Therefore, my desk was voted off the island.

Unfortunately, I’ve taken to working on my computer, bills, and whatever the heck else I do in the living room.

And the above photo was taken of my end table AFTER I made a concerted effort to clean it up.

So, this begs the question…

Do my guests REALLY need a bed to sleep in?

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