Stalking The FedEx Guy

I will be MIA for the next day or so.

Why, do you ask?

I am stalking the FedEx guy, because somewhere in this town, he has my brand new laptop on his truck.

And he needs to being it to MEEEEEEEE!!!

(Dell is just relieved that I am no longer stalking them)

So, I will be offline for a day, while I get it setup and ready.

Did I mention that it’s pink?

I am a dork like that.

In the meantime, the heathens will have to fend for themselves…

Ok, not really, but I did entertain the notion that poptarts and Ritz crackers would be a nutritious dinner….with a scoop of Nutella for protein.

However, I reconsidered. I can cook…

because they can be look-outs for the FedEx guy.

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