Tuesday and I are Not Speaking Right Now

Me and Tuesday are not working out. In fact, I may write my congressman and encourage him to work for its’ removal from my week.

Nothing good happens on a Tuesday.

Nobody wakes up and thinks, “Thank goodness today is Tuesday!!”

I once saw a shirt that said, “After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says ‘WTF.'”

I thought that was clever.

Tuesdays should be the new casual day at offices, because inevitably, that is when all hell will break loose. No one can deal with loosened hell in high heels.

Instead of happy hour, restaurants should have happy Tuesday. Two-for-one margaritas would make any Tuesday better.

As you can see, the animosity between me and Tuesday grows unchecked.

It may be time to break out the big guns and raid the candy stash, because it’s only 1:00 PM, and I still got a whole lot of Tuesday left to endure.



One thought on “Tuesday and I are Not Speaking Right Now

  1. UGH! I totally agree. Tuesdays are the worst days of the week. Today was no exception. 2 for 1 Margaritas sure would have helped out after work today!

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