Cluttered into Submission

A while back, I posted about my desk dilemma.

Since that time, my piles of mail stuff, camera stuff, school stuff, paper stuff, tax stuff  and related stuff have continued to breed around the house. My closet, my kitchen drawer, my living room end-table, my dresser drawer and my husband’s desk have all fallen victim to my breeding piles of stuff. Considering that I am only getting more OCD-ish with age, this rampant disorganization has made me a less-than-happy camper.

Either my husband REALLY loves me, or he finally suffered a nervous breakdown from the combination of my breeding piles of stuff and harpie-like neuroses. Either way, I am doing the happy dance today, because I got a new desk!

(and it was a total bonus that I got to watch him work with the power tools….*sigh*)

My new desk is oh-so-wonderful:

Now, if I could just figure out how keep the heathens away from it, life would be perfect… 

…the tape-stealing fiends…

5 thoughts on “Cluttered into Submission

  1. He is using the instructions! I am so proud of him! Most guys use that as a last resort and he is just getting started 😉

    • The instructions were so difficult, even I could not understand them! It took most of the afternoon and evening to get it together, but he did a greadt job!

    • Thanks! I saw it last year, and fell in love with it, so you can imagine how excited I was that we could still find it!

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