Just Call Me Bayou-Santa

Despite my usual ability to plan ahead, I have again neglected to shop for my kids until the last dang minute. Normally, this is not a problem, because in years past, my husband and I have hurled the kids at Granny and run like hell. We would knock out our shopping in one frantic, but well-executed sprint. With my planning skills, and my husband’s ability to act as a human shield, last-minute shopping was a team-sport we could handle.

But not this year. With Granny far away and Christmas looming, my husband and I finally had to admit that we needed to divide and conquer.

Oh, foolish, foolish me.

Little did I know that the toy store is like a gladiator arena on the Saturday before Christmas. It was every man, or mama for herself, and I was lucky to survive without injury…or a felony charge.

I came away victorious, but let’s just say that my restorative cocktail is about the size of Texas tonight.

Remind me to shop earlier next year…..pretty please?

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