Lucky Me!

A few weeks ago, my friend J called and told me that she had another friend with furniture to off-load. Furthermore, this friend had a piece of furniture that would look great in my breakfast room, and wanted no money for it.

Needless to say, I was skeptical. Free furniture typically means that the pieces in question are old, cheap, falling apart, or a cosmetic nightmare. I certainly did not have the time to refinish, repaint or otherwise re-do anything. However, I was also in a budgetary drought, so I told J I would consider it if I found time to run by and see this mysterious piece of furniture.

I had nearly forgotten about this conversation, but one Saturday afternoon, J and her mom show up at my house with her mom’s truck.

And they unload this beauty into my breakfast room:

I contained the urge to kiss her…barely. That’s one freebee I could never turn down, and thank goodness she knew better than I did.

I won’t describe my embarrassingly perverse happy dance at my free piece of furniture. Some things you just don’t want to know….

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