My Budding Yet Camera-Shy Photographer

My youngest heathen has taken up photography as a hobby…if you count taking pictures of anything that will hold still long enough with an iPhone as photography.

I made these cookies for the boys’ Valentine’s Day class parties. My youngest was very impressed that I magically managed to make pink cookies. One day, he will discover the reality of food coloring, but in the meantime, I keep it hidden away so my status as the cool mom remains intact.

I knew he was excited about the cookies, because sure enough, out came the iPhone.

He snapped, he posed and he artfully arranged cookies to his exacting specifications:

He acted more neurotic than any magazine editor:


Despite his newfound love of photography, he is decidedly uncooperative when Mom decides to take some pictures of her own:

The kid is a mass of contradictions.

But, I happen to know that he is easily bribed with Oreos.

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