The computer in our house reminds me of something….

Something from my adolescent days of living in the middle of cotton fields, with no neighbors around, and wildlife constantly invading.

Yep, the family computer is my equivalent of the old bug-zapping florescent light that we used to keep by the back door. Instead of bee-lining it into our house, bugs were drawn to its’ florescent glow, only to meet their demise with a resounding “ZAP.”

While the computer may not zap them, it still draws these boys in with its’ mesmerizing light.

Maybe I should stick a joke-buzzer on the mouse just to see what would happen….

2 thoughts on “Irresistible

  1. Priceless…are they watching the replay of the Saints winning the Superbowl? LOL….definitely worth watching.

  2. I wish! Nope, it was yet another game full of completely obnoxious sounds that are sure to drive any mom insane.

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