Mardi Gras 2011

Mardi Gras weekend wiped me out! Between a night on the town, a parade, and enough good food for an army, my behind is dragging and my scale is whimpering. However, I can definitely say that we let the good times roll this year.

After a Friday of absolutely gorgeous weather, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset to go with our usual Friday mayhem of ping pong, billiards, cocktails and work-detox.

Saturday, however, brought the rain, but we still managed to have a nice time, even if it snuffed out our gardening plans. J came over and made us Chicken Big Mamou over pasta:

And I wallowed in a meal that I did not have to cook. By the time I was done, I was sporting a Budda-belly! We also stopped into the local glass factory’s outlet store, and stocked up on jars for future candle-making experiments. J and I then made a few candles just for fun, while the boys invented a game by pulling each other around the house using my office chair and a blanket. Fortunately, we have no injuries to report from that endeavor…I meant regarding the kids, not me…but I can see how you would wonder.

After a lazy day of food, fun and more food, Granny offered to watch the heathens, so we all headed out for a night on the town. We hit a couple of local hot spots, had a blast and stayed out way too late. Despite a day without drama, fate decided to punish my husband and me soundly…because what would a night out be without some calamity thrown in for good measure? After crawling into bed at an unmentionable hour, we awoke at 5 a.m. to the sound of our smoke detectors doing the “low battery” warning beep every thirty seconds.

Wanna guess who was out of 9-volt batteries?

Soooo, after my husband took an early-morning trip to Wally-World, we tried to catch some more sleep. When we finally managed to roust ourselves, we worked studiously to get our raised beds built for our vegetable garden…but only made it about halfway. Why? Because it was parade time!!!

Our town has numerous Mardi Gras parades, but we avoid the larger ones because they are just too much effort. We’d practically have to camp out for days to get a good parade spot. However, we happen to live 3 blocks from one of the best parades in town, and we can walk five minutes to get there. The boys had a blast:

And we caught a ton of beads, cups, Moon Pies and doubloons.

We were so excited to see all the floats, bands and smaller krewes from around our neighborhood. Finally, we headed home for a classic Louisiana dinner of red beans and rice with andouille sausage, and of course, King Cake!

I swear, my husband and I fell into bed last night like we had just run a marathon, but when my oldest wrote his school assignment today on how much fun he had this weekend, I knew it was all worth it.

Mardi Gras is coming to a close this week, and it’s time to get in gear for Lent. I need to dig out my stash of meatless menus and check the Mass times for Wednesday.

But first, I think I’ll have just one more piece of King Cake.

I almost wet my pants

So, I know that I am not at all cool.

Other than my blog, and keeping up with my family and college friends on Facebook, I am really not into the whole social media scene.

Because of my uncoolness, I am probably the last to know about

After finding this website today, I spent my entire lunch break reading it, and laughed so hard, people around my office probably think I am deranged.

And why was I laughing?

Because I am the queen of auto-correct nightmares.

Defense Mechanisms

A few months ago, I purchased my new laptop. I wanted it to be about the brightest shade of pink I could find, and sure enough, it looks like something out of the movie Legally Blonde. It’s pink, it’s paisley and it even has a pink mouse to match. My friend J, who is definitely not a girly-girl, looked at me like I was crazy. Why, she wanted to know, would I ever buy something so atrociously hideous? Aren’t I a little old for a Barbie-pink computer?

The answer, my friends, is obvious. I live in a house full of boys, and they are addicted to any and all things electronic. By making my laptop the most girly-looking object possible, I insured that both my husband and heathens would never ask to borrow it, play with it or even touch it.

Genius, I know. J, however, was still skeptical.

Last week, we got J a very nice ping-pong paddle for her birthday. See, my husband, J’s husband, J and I all have cocktails and play ping-pong together when we have a free evening. Everybody is pretty competitive, and we even argue about who gets which side of the table.

 As soon as J opened the swank new paddle, both my and J’s husbands got an envious gleam in their eyes. Surely, they could use it too?

J turned to me and suggested we get a Bedazzler, a pink marker and emblazon the handle with the words “Princess Paddle.”

She learns quickly.

Oh, the HORROR!!!

This weekend, I planned to spend about an hour Spring-cleaning the heathens’ room. I figured an hour would be plenty of time to clean out their drawers, sort the clothes and decide what to donate to Goodwill, and do a general spruce-up of the boy-cave.

Clearly, I am sad and deluded, and operating in my own reality that has nothing to do with sanity and rationality.

Three hours, 247 heavy sighs, 15 good screeches that only the dolphins could hear, more swear words than I will admit to, and I finally emerged from that project with a serious case of OCD meets faux-PTSD.

Like the idiot that I am, I decided to clean under their bed.

Oooooohhh boy.

I found, among other things, 5 diet coke cans, 27 Starburst wrappers, numerous M&M’s, dust bunnies the size of Texas, enough Lego’s and Magnetex toys for a small country, batteries, an assortment of Happy Meal toys and some things that I don’t even want to try and identify.

My vacuum is whimpering and I’ve run out of cleaning products.

And as my kids will tell ya, I’ve redefined “shock and awe.”