Bad Mom Award

 Proof It’s Not My Fault

The past few days have been a flurry of activity, and I confess, I’ve officially dropped the ball. I sure proved that with my lame-brain actions this morning.

I probably should not have waited until we were walking out the door for school this morning to ask whether the heathens actually did their homework last night. What kind of mom am I that I didn’t worry about last night’s homework, oh say, last night? Yesterday evening, I blew through the door, managed to make dinner and even played a video game with the boogers, all while completely forgetting the never-changing fact that they always have homework.

So, imagine my shame when, on the way out the door this morning, I realized I had forgotten something so ridiculously unforgettable. Embarrassment aside, I probably should have chalked it up to a bad day and quickly moved on. But, of course, my brain was simply not that logical. Instead of acting like a rational, sane, reasonable mother, the forgotten homework registered in my head, and less than 2.5 seconds later, I screeched to the boys,” OH MY GOD, did ya’ll even DO your homework last night?” in a voice I am sure only dolphins and dogs could hear.

Both my husband and the kids stopped dead in their tracks, and got the “oh boy, Mom’s having a fit, so don’t make any sudden movements” look. I hate that look…it makes me feel like even more of a dork than I already am. Honestly, what the heck did I think I could do at that point? Drag them back into the house and make them complete 30 minutes worth of assignments in 5 minutes or less? It was time to suck up my mistake and get over it. But, instead, I stood frozen with what I am sure was a near-psychotic expression on my face.

Luckily for me, my oldest child gives me the big, huffy eye-roll, and says “um, yeah, Mom…we did all that yesterday.”

Crisis averted.

And I got to start my day with the knowledge that, not only did I drop the ball, but I am neurotic beyond belief.

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