I am BACK! Where have I been, you ask? I wish I had a cool story, but alas, we all know that I am too much of a dork to generate any really juicy tales.

Last week, I cut my right index finger on a metal door frame at work, in a comedy of errors that resulted in a trip to the doctor, a round of antibiotics and a tetanus shot. Let me tell ya, I forgot just how not fun a tetanus shot can be. I spent several days feeling like my arm had been repeatedly smacked with a baseball bat, and even began to wonder if my husband was secretly elbowing it while I was sleeping. Meanwhile, my finger was a bloody mess of grossness that throbbed in time to my pulse, and I was generally a whiny, snarly grump.

As a result, I haven’t been able to really write or type, and when I can, it usually has been work-related…sigh. Just my luck that I get hurt at work, but not enough to garner some time off. How lame is that?

Buuuttt, the awesome news is that my oven FINALLY came yesterday! Woo Hoo!

I promptly made meatloaf, brownies, mac and cheese, and a celebratory cocktail.

Yes, the connection between a new oven and a cocktail is tenuous, so we could also label it a post-non-rapture celebration if that makes anyone feel better.

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