Weird Science

My dad, being the super-cool Granddad that he is, sent my oldest heathen a Mythbusters’ activity kit for his birthday. Even when he aims for quasi-educational, my dad makes sure such gifts will still be fun and interesting for the boys. They always flip when a Granddad package arrives, because they know hilarity will usually ensue.

Last weekend, we let Booger open his Mythbusting kit, and get straight to work on the various experiments contained within…with proper precautions and supervision, of course.

He exploded a balloon…twice, and built a mini-marshmallow gun, all while learning about the science of air pressure:

Meanwhile, his brother probably wants to flee the S’more-like warzone.

Or build a marshmallow gun of his own…but then my husband would “need” one too.

And I’d be back to hiding in the bathroom…

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