Heat, Hissy Fits and More Heat

I spent all of last week in New Orleans for work, which meant that I spent the entire week before that trying to clear my desk of all outstanding tasks. Too much work makes me a dull, dull girl. My blog has turned into a neglected wasteland.

Though the trip was business as usual, I ate my fair share of oysters, shrimp and any other seafood that would stand still long enough for me to snatch it up. While I wallowed in good food, I also wallowed in the weather.

When I got to New Orleans, the first thing I noticed was that the temperature was at least 15 degrees cooler than my North Louisiana town. Better yet, it RAINED…like a lot! Considering that we haven’t seen more then 2 minutes of rain in at least a month, I was almost dumbstruck by the falling water from the sky. Between the rain and clouds, the temperature was certainly summer-like, but nothing compared to the drought-infested, near-desert that has become my home town. As I drove home, I actually watched the temperature reading in my car dash creep up 20 degrees as I made my way back north, landing squarely at 105 degrees by day’s end.

As my town marks its’ ba-gillionth day of heat over 100 degrees, and never-ending heat advisories, I feel like I’m at my wits’ end. Do you KNOW what happens to two energetic boys that are confined to the house and cannot play outside in the 115 degree heat index inferno? HORROR, I tell you, HORROR! To make matters worse, I am in my full blown, sick-of-summer hissy fit that usually doesn’t crop up until late August. If the snarly hissy-fit-of-doom is already upon me, how will I survive another two months of summer heat? Yep, it’s my own version of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

So, I guess it’s time to engage in a little distraction therapy. I’ll ogle my fall cookbooks, get started on some handmade Christmas gifts and hit up the library for every fall and holiday related book I can fine. Maybe if I bury my brain in images of fall, winter and fun, my body will forget the fact that it’s about to have a heatstroke.

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