Sweet, Sweet Relief

After three straight months of 100-plus degree days, our corner of Louisiana got rare break from the heat this weekend. Today was absolutely gorgeous, and we made the most of it. I think everyone felt a euphoric high from all the fresh air, as well as sunshine that finally did not feel like the burning fires of Hell. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this summer had made me bitter about summer in general. The severe drought and the dangerous heat killed most of our lawn, landscaping and garden. The lake was so low, we were never able to swim or fish, and when we tried to swim at my sister’s pool, the water was so hot that it felt gross. The excessive heat has prevented the kids from playing outside, even during school recess. I’m sure you can imagine how infuriatingly stir-crazy two energetic boys can get when they are confined indoors. And, ooooh, the electric bill…how I would love not to cry when I open the electric bill.

A day of perfect weather could not come soon enough, and we practically threw the kids out the door as soon as they were dressed. Though we started the morning with a healthy dose of yard work, my husband and the heathens found time this afternoon to burn off some energy.

Boys + Trampoline= Happy Mom.

No, I’m not jumping. I’m growing a person. Though the boys seemed to think that was a lame excuse to skip out on the trampoline antics.

Don’t try this at home.

After nearly a full day outside, the boys are more sedate than they’ve been in months.

And I’m so happy, I could spit.

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