For These Small Things, I Am Grateful

Bean has appendages! And a new due date. The new, really official due date is April 6th, and by all that is holy, I am grateful. I now feel marginally less embarrassed about my epic morning battles to squeeze into my pants. The sooner I hit 12 weeks, the sooner that I can procure some maternity pants without looking quite as pathetic. Yes, I am shallow enough to admit that I would rather suffer in my torture pants for the next two weeks than be the girl who needed preggo pants before she even hit the second trimester. It’s a mental thing.

2 thoughts on “For These Small Things, I Am Grateful

    • You bet Kristine! We should be able to find out in early November, and though I want a healthy baby (blah, blah, blah), I REALLY want a girl! I’ve been oogling girl stuff for weeks.

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