Happy Halloween!

Having survived the planning and execution of the school Halloween carnival, I spent my weekend putting my house back together after a week of neglect. I made decent progress, including over 10 loads of laundry, and the encroaching dust bunnies have been quarantined to manageable proportions. Between all of the work, we found time for a little family fun in the way of carving pumpkins, while watching The Great Pumpkin, of course. Given that Halloween falls on a Monday this year (can we say bummer, much?), we decided to make Saturday night a mini-fun night. I figured that we’d be so rushed on Monday, we’d barely have time to throw on our costumes after work for trick-or-treating. So, by making Saturday night seem like a “special event,” we took some of the sting off the fact that the kids will be limited in their Halloween fun time on Monday. My husband is really good a creating impromptu activities that the boys perceive to be super-special treats; we went from “maybe we’ll carve pumpkins this weekend,” to “pumpkin-movie party!” in no time.

In typical Heathen fashion, the boys picked out pumpkin designs that were far above the average kid’s skill set. My husband and I helped as much as we could, and we tried to keep the swearing to a minimum.

Bear wanted an Angry Birds pumpkin, and after more effort that I ever wanted to expend on a pumpkin, I think we were successful:

Now, it’s time to start thinking Thanksgiving (pregnancy has made this more of an obsession than normal), and Christmas…and then there’s that whole baby needs a nursery thing that we’ve been procrastinating about. But in the meantime, I’m trying to slow down and enjoy life a little more, instead of rush-rush-rushing all of the time. Life’s way too short to be too busy to enjoy it.

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