Bake, Bake and then Bake Some More

Though I have some days off this week, I am spending what little time I have getting the jump on our Christmas baking/food preparations that will continue through the rest of the week. This afternoon, I made both the sugar cookie and gingerbread men doughs (which I’ll bake with the kids on Thursday), bourbon balls, vanilla-spice pumpkin fudge and bourbon pralines. I also mixed up the dough to make the bagillion pecan tarts my husband and I will be assembling tonight as our Christmas gift to his co-workers.

Last night, my husband and G-man baked several dozen white chocolate-oatmeal cookies, which turned out absolutely perfect. I love it when the guys do the cooking for a change:

I get to eat food I don’t have to cook (always a treat), and they are pretty darn cute puttering around the kitchen.

Tune in tomorrow for the Bourbon Praline recipe…I have to get back in the kitchen and get some kind of dinner on the table before the masses riot.

But on the bright side, I officially finished all of my handmade Christmas gifts, on time and on budget.

I think that deserves a cookie…don’t you?

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