My Prescioussss…Version 2.0

This is what my husband got me for Christmas:

Yep, it’s a Kindle Fire, and I love it.

Since I have my pretty-pink-laptop, I was not really in the market for anything as fancy as iPad, though it sure did look cool. First, iPads were a smidgen out of our budget, and even if they weren’t, the only thing I’d be using one for is reading, music and surfing the internet for brain-rotting entertainment on-the-go. Anything more complicated than that is a job for the laptop, because I am the nerd who still needs the keyboard and mouse in order to function anything close to efficiently. Therefore, I didn’t think that paying more for a small tablet than I actually did for the laptop was reasonable, especially since I’d be using it in a more limited way. So, up until Christmas, I had resigned myself to lugging the laptop or burning through enough data on my iPhone to keep AT&T afloat for the next decade.

Thanks to my awesome husband, however, I now have the Kindle Fire, and the data plan on my iPhone is no longer on life support. I can read my books, waste time on the internet and even watch the shows on Netflix I’m embarrassed to admit I watch. The added bonus is that all my stuff from my second generation Kindle transferred right over, so my digital library remains intact.

Amazon didn’t even need to make one in pink…my guys know that if they touch the Kindle, they’ll draw back a nub.

Nobody touches my Prescioussss….

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