Yeah, He Loves Me.

While my husband was in Massachusetts last month, he technically had some free time on the weekends. If it were me, I would have filled my agenda to the brim, because even if a trip is technically a work thing, I still would want to sight-see if I had enough time on my hands. And let’s not even get into the way I would have planned out my meals; I firmly believe that all trips revolve around food, hence my constant battle to button my skinny jeans.

However, being the diligent guy he is, my husband spent most of his free time glued to his computer, ensuring that work back home was running smoothly in his absence…the nerd.

During one of our long-distance conversations, I joked that if he got really bored on a weekend, he could always find a local yarn shop and bring me back something fun to knit. Obviously, I was joking. The only thing my husband knows about knitting is that it involves pointy sticks, and that I spend a lot of time doing it.

Well, that man must love me a lot, because sure enough, he ventured out into the snow one Sunday and tracked down a yarn shop about 20 miles from his hotel. He brought me back a bag full of yarn, and I tell ya, it was like Christmas morning at my house. Even though he had no clue what he was looking for, other than something “interesting,” he spent an hour selecting various yarns that he thought would be fun for me to play with.

Yep, that’s love right there.

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