Busy, Busy, Busy

When I left my job a couple of weeks ago, I envisioned spending the last few weeks of my pregnancy nesting and relaxing.


The first week was a literal marathon of running errands, as I realized my endless baby procrastination finally had to end. In between my days of frantic shopping and list-making, I also spent the day with G-Man at the regional social studies fair:

Which was about the most tedious day ever…for both of us. Though I appreciated that it was a valuable learning experience for him, I was not too keen on an event that kept my kid trapped in a room, sitting on the floor for over three hours, and didn’t allow me to check on him. By day’s end, we were both snarly and exhausted, so we treated ourselves to fajitas and sopapillas, and had I not been pregnant, I would have ordered a margarita the size of Texas. Regardless of the headache, we still got a little one-on-one time, which is always a treat.

Once we got past the fair, and then the costumes I had to cook up for the school’s “book character day,” we spent the weekend celebrating Bear’s birthday:

Technically, we were celebrating several weeks early, but with Bean’s arrival (and therefore my c-section) moved up, I did not want Bear’s birthday to get lost struggles of post-partum recovery. He’s been way too excited about turning eight for me to drop the ball on this one. We started with presents:

Then had a wonderful breakfast with the family. We let Bear pick what he wanted to do for the day, and he decided on a trip to the zoo:

Finally, we finished off the day with cake:

Even with it being a few weeks early, I think Bear had a happy birthday celebration, and we got to enjoy focusing on our “baby” for the day…before the new baby changes everything.

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