In the Land of Lego’s

For a kid that can’t focus on his homework for five minutes at a time, Bear has the uncanny ability to spend hours on whatever project actually captures his attention. Lego’s are his current obsession, and he spends most of his allowance on various kits, which his father and I encourage wholeheartedly. As much as I LOVE stepping on the randomly misplaced Lego every day, I am constantly amazed at what Bear does when he gets into that intensely focused zone.

Naturally, all he wanted for his birthday was even more Lego’s, and his grandparents gave him a kit for a rather large pirate ship.

This was by far his largest Lego project to date, and building the ship took several hours…but he did it. All by himself, piece by piece, and with a methodical patience that I’ve never seen in any 7 year-old, Bear completed his pirate ship:

He was so proud of the finished product that he made me close my eyes as led me into the living room for the big reveal.

The only downside is that I may need to ask the Lego company to put me on a payment plan. With the pirate ship complete, he’s ready for another challenge.


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