Bad Moon Rising

So far today:

  • A package of cheese slices literally jumped out of the refrigerator, hit me in the face, and splattered all over the kitchen floor.
  • My husband dripped his coffee all across my freshly mopped floor.
  • I ran into my excessively pointy footboard for the 567th time, thereby adding to the collection of oh-so-attractive bruises on my legs.
  • I got my electric bill in the mail…and then I cried.
  • Bean mocked my feeble attempts to get her to nap, and I swear her cooing sounds more like “IIIIIIII wanna rock and roll all niiiiiggght…and party every day!”
  • I realized that my kids left Kleenex in their pockets…about two seconds after I opened the dryer and was assaulted by laundry coated in shredded Kleenex particles.

And it’s not even 11:00 AM. I think I got some bad juju going on this morning.

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