Cute or Clown Vomit? You Decide.

In my defense, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’ve been working on Christmas gifts (when Bean actually lets me), and I thought the funky colors of this yarn would make a great bag for my twelve year-old niece. Thought being the operative word there.



So, is it cute or Clown Vomit? You decide.

4 thoughts on “Cute or Clown Vomit? You Decide.

  1. Ok – I had to comment just because this post makes me laugh so hard – and the poll is even funnier! LOL – I hate when you complete a project and then right when you finish you think…hmmmmmm that was not what I was going for….. It really isn’t that bad – she may actually really like it, you never know!

  2. Thanks ya’ll! I am just going to give it to her, and pretend it’s fashion forward!

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