The Farm, the Lake, a Mogwai and Squash Soup.

After a ton of hard work, the Heathens both brought home perfect report cards! My husband and I were thrilled, and decided to slow things down this weekend with some family fun. Friday, my friend N. and I took our kids to a farm for a day of outdoor adventuring in the beautiful Fall weather. Bear rode a horse for the first time, and G-Man ran wild with his best friends. This outing was a much-deserved reward for those straight A’s, and I think the fresh air did everyone a world of good. That night, we piled into bed and watched Gremlins, and which our kids had never seen, let alone even heard of. What started as fidgety impatience immediately morphed into rapt attention the second Gizmo appeared on the screen.

With perfect weather extending through the weekend, my husband packed up the fishing gear on Saturday morning, and we headed to the lake.

After the lake, we had an epic family badminton tournament with our neighbors and fell into bed that night exhausted. Sunday was a day full of cleaning, book reports and catching up, but my husband made several loaves of fluffy pumpkin bread, and a delicious butternut squash soup with sausage for dinner. The older Heathens treated the soup like it was a medieval torture device, but Bean and I gobbled it down.

But, now it’s Monday…*sigh* and I woke up with the sniffles and a sore throat, I have a to-do list a mile long and my house looks like a herd of pigs stampeded through it. Guess I better hop to it.

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