Dead Battery Beret

Between helping with a Halloween carnival and stressing about whether my husband would return from D.C. before the hurricane, I’ve had precious little time on my hands. Inevitably, when life gets stressful, the universe decides to pile on an extra helping of challenge, just to make sure I’m paying attention. While I was dealing with an oh-so-convenient dead car battery, I managed to finish another Christmas gift. This slouchy beret turned out ok, though my battery was a lost cause. I can’t complain too terribly much, because the guy at the auto part store took pity on me (and the three kids I had in tow), and installed the battery for me. Technically, I know how to install my own dang car battery, but his quick worked saved me time and a massive headache. Can’t beat that with a stick.

2 thoughts on “Dead Battery Beret

    • Thank you! I am glad some good came out of a stressful weekend, even if it is just a small Christmas gift.

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