Generic Gift Ideas: When One More Starbucks or iTunes Gift Card Won’t Cut It

Picking out Christmas gifts for my nearest and dearest is arduous enough; finding gifts for teachers, distant relatives or those people who “have everything” seems impossible sometimes. Here are a couple of ideas that I’ve come up with for this year.

First, my bargain gift thus far was one I found at my local Sam’s Club a couple of weeks ago:

This is a four-pack of assorted scented candles, and they come with ready-to-go gift boxes. Aromatique candles typically retail for about $12-15 just for ONE, because they smell all fancy-scmancy. I purchased this set for less than $20 and knocked four teachers’ gifts off my list. Woo Hoo!

A gift that would be great for newlyweds, a new homeowner, or anyone you’re stumped on is a personalized address stamp, like these from

These stamps could also be given as a couple’s gift, thereby stretching your budget just a wee bit further.

Along those lines, personalized stationary is never a bad idea. As a southern girl, I have an ingrained appreciation for personalized stationary. I’d much rather have that than a tchotchke that will turn into target practice for the Heathens’ Nerf guns.

If you happen to know whether your generic recipient is a wino, a Woozie is a cheap, cute gift:

Or a Corkcicle:

Those are just a couple of my go-to ideas that are generic enough without having too high a danger of re-gifting potential. If all else fails, and you have to go the gift card route, at least get a cute box to put it in. Slapping a gift card in a plain, white envelope is just tacky, ya’ll. Even if you put zero time and effort into your generic gift, you don’t need a crappy wrap job to advertise that fact like a Vegas neon sign.

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