Summer Can Kiss My A**

I’m still recovering from the worst summer ever, and the fact that the temperature remains at 100 degrees during mid-September has made me snarlier than a grizzly bear. I don’t need the bitter reminder that this summer has been craptastic. If you’ve read this blog in any capacity, then you know that me and Louisiana summers do not get along. I’m also still doing freelance work from home, and if you know anything about self-employment, it’s feast or famine. If I’m not working, I’m beating the bushes, trying to get more work. It’s been a vicious cycle, but hopefully that balance I keep striving for is around the corner somewhere. In the meantime, Bean started walking (finally!), and continues to pummel us all with her reign of toddler terror.

By far though, the best part of our summer was the very end, when my husband’s baby sister came to visit us for a week, and we drug her all over north Louisiana:

That week was full of fun, food and movie marathons, and I can’t wait till she can come back. Not many people can be thrown into this zoo unfazed, and she jumped into the craziness feet first. By week’s end, she didn’t bat an eye when Bean climbed all over her like a jungle gym!

Alas, I think I finally am ready to give up my bitter grumblings and humungous grudge against this worst summer ever. We are ready to dive into Fall.

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