Snapshot of a Not-So-Fall Week

Recent days have been far too busy, but I’m not complaining…much. I am always amazed at how Fall makes me want to slow down, but life seems to get busier than ever. That’s usually when my husband inconveniently reminds me that maybe I shouldn’t volunteer or overcommit so much (School Halloween carnival…cough…cough). Despite our delayed reaction to the supposedly changing season, we did manage to start the Halloween decorations:

And so far, my husband has only electrocuted himself twice. I’d call that progress.

I also finished my first knitted Christmas gift, so maybe I’m not such a bum after all:

Mostly, I’ve been hunkered down, doing my freelance work to boost the holiday funds, and ignoring the fact that it’s still 90 freaking degrees outside. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

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